The owners, Christo and Melinda got married in 1978 and started their live together in Heidelberg. On 1980 they opened this business, and since then they have been involved here full time. Christo did all the building work with the help of some laborers and made the furniture in the "cottage style" which they both loved.

For the first year he manufactured all the jewelry himself, but the business grew and at the moment there are four full time gold smiths. Christo was a diamond cutter for many years and still does diamond gradings for customers daily.

Diamante en Goud se naambord is 'n landmerk in Heidelberg

At the moment there are four ladies doing jewelry design on the premises, and a lady doing the stringing of pearls and other stones. Melinda does the purchasing for the business. The snug atmosphere and informal farm style are always kept in mind with purchases. There is a busy coffee shop and tea garden on the premises. The owners are very dedicated to the "Diamante en Goud" and "Plaashuiswinkel", and also - for the last 17 years - the famous "nagmark" which people love to visit.

"Car Boot Sale" every last Saturday of the month from 08:00 to 13:00 - no reservations needed.